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Homepage of children's book author Sheri (Cooper) Sinykin, with information for readers about the author, her current books, the Magic Attic Club, author appearances, and specially priced and autographed out-of-print novels, plus teacher resources--including handouts on loss and grief for children 

Ever since I first put pencil to paper in the third grade, I wanted to write books for children.   Little did I know it would effectively take thirty years, hard work--and 156 rejection letters!--to realize a dream.

 Along the road to publication, I've been privileged to meet and to learn from other authors and editors, and to call many of them friends.  Each one--together with the readers who write to me about my books--has touched my life with magic.  It is a joy to be able to pass it on!

Who do I write for?  The girl in me, who is still alive and well, thank you.  And I write, too, for the boy in each of my three sons--now grown and living away from home-- and for their three sons as well.  Their pranks and confidences have given me a rare window into boys' hearts and minds; for that I am grateful.

It's a special kind of magic, creating something from nothing. Through the pages of my books, I hope you will find that you, too, possess that kind of magic.


I have an unusual name.  You can hear how to pronounce it by clicking here, typing "Sheri Sinykin" into the Search Engine, and choosing "Author Pronunciation Guide."


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