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What happens when friends discover the power to go anywhere, and to do and become anything they want?  MAGIC!

The Secret of the Attic                                                                 
Alison, Heather, Megan, and Keisha discover the magic in their neighbor's attic.
Heather at the Barre
Can Heather be the star in "The Sleeping Beauty" ballet?
Heather, Belle of the Ball        
Did Heather's new friend steal a necklace at the fancy ball in Old England?
Heather Takes the Reins
Will Heather and the old horse Adagio be a winning team at the horse show?
Viva Heather!
When Heather travels to 1492 Spain, her efforts to find her Jewish relatives meet with danger--and Christopher Columbus.
Alison Walks the Wire
What does Alison's reading disability have to do with saving the circus?
Heather Goes to Hollywood
Heather stands in for a child star of the 40s, but becomes suspicious about the reason.  Will she pull off the greatest act of her life?
Trapped Beyond the Magic Attic
The four girls invite Rose to be a new member and get trapped in a museum.

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