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Available to kids as well as to teachers and librarians

Autographed copies for $5 each, plus shipping

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Shrimpboat and Gym Bags

            In this prequel to The Shorty Society (Viking/Puffin), Bo Ragatz moves from California to Wisconsin, and expects that winning a gold medal in competitive gymnastics will help him feel better about how short he is, as well as his new environment.  But he's met his match in Jim Harmon.  Glossary of gymnastics terms is included.  Hardcover.  (Ages 8-11)

School Library Journal wrote: "... The story moves quickly because of the lively scenes filled with humor, action, and frustration. Sinykin has created a likable character in Bo . . ."


The Buddy Trap

        When Cam Whitney, an adopted Korean, attends a rough-and-tumble boys camp instead of the music camp he would have preferred, he and his tent mates get caught up in an ecology-based "war game" that spins wildly out of control. Hardcover. (Ages 9-12)

Booklist wrote:  " . . . Sinykin deftly draws her characters, peeling away their adolescent facades and exposing their vulnerability and humanity.  This novel forces youngsters to ponder both the fragility and the strength of human relationships."


Slate Blues

        When Reina learns that rock star Slate is an aunt she has never even heard of, her whole life seems to change for the better--until the big concert, when she learns more about the blues than she ever dreamed possible.  Hardcover.  (Ages 10-14)

VOYA wrote: " . . . a nicely-delivered story with a wealth of carefully drawn characters and a superbly depicted protagonist. . . . To Sinykin's credit, while a goodly number of issues are touched upon in this relatively short work, Slate Blues remains largely free of the pendantry which a number of scenes invite.  Is is, ultimately, a story which delivers more complexity than the premise would seemingly offer.  Simplicity of style, modest length, and subject matter make (it) an attractive offering to even challenged readers."  



    In this award-winning fantasy thriller, strange music and promises of great power draw fourteen-year-old Chantal to the "sea queen" statue.  Could she now have the power to attract any boy she wants?  When weird accidents befall the boys, Chantal and her friend Micah must work against the clock to solve the statue's mystery.  Praised for its "subtly feminist and refreshing vision."  Hardcover.  (Ages 10 and up)

Booklist wrote:  "  . . . Chantal learns some valuable lessons about the price one pays for vanity, envy, and dishonest. . . . . (Her) voice is convincing and appealing.  The interweaving of the myths into a contemporary story is handled skillfully without sacrificing authenticity . . . The important message that friendship between girls and boys is possible and that a caring relationship can grow out of such friendships is effectively presented without preaching.  As an added bonus, Chantal and Micah take for granted that using the library to find answers to their questions is an essential step in solving the mystery.  This is an entertaining and suspenseful story with romance and fantasy elements."


I also have a limited number of copies of A MATTER OF TIME and APART AT THE SEAMS.

To order specially autographed and discounted books ($5 each, plus postage, for hardcover), please e-mail me.

(Books subject to availability)



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