Teacher Comments
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"The mini-drama was an interesting hook to involve students from the start.  I was happy to see many familiar pieces of the writing process reinforced." --John W. Webber, 4th grade teacher


"You were real to the children.  Great modeling of all your main points, which reinforced terminology.  It is obvious you have worked hard to involve your audience. This is not easy with today's students who are used to the mouse and remote control.  Point of view is not always an easy concept to understand for 3rd and 4th graders.  You did a good job of reinforcing it."  --Candy Arnold, 4th grade teacher


"Audience participation was excellent.  I enjoyed the writing process steps; students need to hear about the number of revisions."  --Tim Blessing, 3rd grade teacher


"Sheri reminded the children they are writers, too.  I liked how she made them think about everything that goes into writing, and encouraged them not to give up their dreams, to keep dreams alive by sticking to what they enjoy.  Great posters and overheads, which were helpful as an instructional tool for me as a teacher.  Sheri used many different learning styles to get children's attention." --Jodi Ryan, 3rd grade teacher


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